We manage the water table

Arkil's groundwater lowering specialists have many years of experience and expertise in establishing both large and small systems designed to keep excavations dry below the natural water table.

In addition to traditional pumping equipment, the division has several drill rigs that can drill in dimensions of 3–12", as well as management, control and monitoring systems and water purification systems. As such, we are able to comply with every imaginable environmental regulation that may apply to the work in question.

The division is part of Environmental Technology and possesses all the professional competencies needed to establish, operate and monitor the construction so that, regardless of the complexity of the work in terms of geology and groundwater chemistry, we can execute 100% of the project.

Two methods

The division possesses the legally mandated A+B certificates needed for drilling as well as for the correct decommissioning of the boreholes once they have served their purpose. A groundwater lowering process can be carried out using two different methods:

- using either driven wells (with vacuum)

- or by traditional pumping from filtered boreholes/wells.

The division naturally possesses groundwater lowering equipment for use with both methods.




Jon Boi Pedersen
Head of Department

+45 40 33 82 27


Jens M. Steen Rasmussen
Project manager

+45 23 72 70 69

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Water treatment

Environmental authorities often require that water pumped from underground is purified before being returned to its source. That is why we possess a wide range of water-treatment equipment:

  • Silt traps

  • Oil/petrol separators

  • Coalescence separators

  • Oxygen/ventilation systems

  • Sand and carbon filters

  • Rinse water tanks


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Arkil paves the way through city of Silkeborg

In 2013, Arkil entered into a contract with the Danish Road Directorate to construct a section of the motorway connecting the cities of Aarhus and Herning, which passes through the city of Silkeborg.

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Project period
The Danish Road Directorate (Vejdirektoratet )
Contract sum
345 mill. Danish kroner


An underground rain water reservoir

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