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With more than 2,100 employees and an annual revenue of around 4.1 billion Danish kroner in Denmark and abroad, Arkil is one of Denmark's largest contracting companies. Arkil was founded in 1941, in Haderslev, Denmark.

Today the company is Denmark's third-largest contracting company and carries out large-scale infrastructure projects in Denmark and Northern Europe. We build bridges throughout Denmark for clients such as the Danish Road Directorate and Banedanmark, and we manage public works projects, construct harbours and foundations, install large-scale cable projects, and build and maintain large motorways.

We manage all types of environmental remediation projects and lay asphalt on both municipal and state roads. We also have a strong market presence in the area of road maintenance, and we are a pioneering private road service provider.

With 80 years of experience, Arkil is a professional, highly qualified and often preferred partner for large public and private developers and consultants in Denmark. The control and management of the firm has remained in the hands of the Arkil family for three generations. 

Mission, vision and values

Arkil builds the future, and our motto is "Quality on time".

We build the infrastructure of tomorrow. Arkil constructs bridges, lays cables and creates connections. We remediate contaminated soil, build sewers and help create a cleaner environment. We build from the ground up, lay foundations, construct harbours, produce asphalt and pave the way forward. We care for the road when it has been built and maintain its high level of quality.

Arkil strives to employ professional, talented and innovative people who possess a high level of trustworthiness and integrity.

At the same time, an essential part of our everyday work is to act with care, consideration and risk awareness.

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Group organisational structure

The Arkil Group consists of a number of divisions located in Denmark and abroad, as well as a wide range of subsidiaries that focus on different business areas.

The parent company, Arkil Holding A/S, is involved in six primary business areas.

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Arkil's 80 years of building and engineering history come to life when one considers questions such as: Who founded the company, and how has the company fared in the decades since breaking ground on its first project in 1941? And what are the qualities that today define one of Denmark's largest family-owned contracting companies?

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Social responsibility

Arkil's work with social responsibility stems from the company's CSR policy and is rooted in the company values.

Arkil complies with all laws and regulations, regardless of where in the world we operate.

Arkil is heavily focused on climate, environmental and working conditions, and the company supports the UN Global Compact, in which human rights, workers' rights and a zero-tolerance approach to corruption and bribery are fully integrated parts of our set of business principles.

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Visit Arkil international

Arkil is one of the few Danish contracting companies that carries out a significant portion of its activities beyond Danish borders, and we have a long, successful history of operating internationally. Around 40% of Arkil's total revenue is generated in countries other than Denmark, which makes the Group less susceptible to fluctuations in our domestic market.

Arkil has subsidiaries in Germany, Ireland and the Group carries out projects in a long list of countries, both in Europe and beyond.

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Working enviroment

Even one accident is one accident too many. It is therefore Arkil's goal to offer one of the safest workplaces in the construction and engineering sector.

Arkil's overall goal for its working environment is to reduce the number of work-related accidents and ensure that no employees are exposed to risks greater than those that can be prevented by the best insight and knowledge. At management level, the working environment and safety are given high priority through ongoing training and monitoring.

It is the responsibility of Arkil's Health and Safety Organisation to actively promote a safe, healthy working environment and safety-conscious company culture.

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Partnership forms

Arkil has a great deal of experience with all forms of partnership found in the construction and engineering sector. Regardless of the type of partnership we work with, it is our clear goal to establish an open partnership based on trust and responsibility, as opposed to confrontation and conflict. As always, our primary goal is to deliver "Quality on time".

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  • General contracts, trade-by-trade contracts and framework agreements
  • Public-private partnerships
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  • Performance-based contracts


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