We manage the foundations

Arkil Fundering has decades of experience in all types of foundation work. Below, you can read more about the services we provide, all of which vary by project type.

Pile Driving

Arkil Fundering is one of the leading specialist contractors in driving pre-fabricated, iron-concrete piles. We supply and install iron-concrete piles in all dimensions and lengths. Arkil Fundering also provides all types of steel piles, including HE profiles and steel pipes.

Arkil Fundering is the leading specialist contractor in driving mini-piles throughout Denmark. With our selection of mini pile-drivers, we are capable of completing any pile installation assignment.

Arkil Fundering installs all types of bored piles, including traditional, bored foundations with supply mains as well as permanent piles and permanent displacement piles.

Sheet piling and excavation

When it comes to sheet piling installation, Arkil Fundering A/S also offers various solutions. We can provide sheet piling and bored, secant pile walls, steel sheet piling, framed sheet piling, vibration techniques and hydro-press.

In collaboration with Arkil Anlæg, Arkil Fundering provides finished, building excavations with the necessary groundwater lowering. Arkil Fundering also provides the necessary dimensioning of sheet piling walls and, if needed, ground anchors. Arkil Anlæg also performs all work in connection with excavation and groundwater lowering.

Post-construction foundation work

In the event of settling damage to existing buildings, or for renovations resulting in added strain to the foundations, Arkil Fundering has the most secure and economical solution. We offer: compacting of mega and precast piles, foundation casting and driving of mini-piles.


Arkil Fundering A/S has departments in the Danish towns of Horsens, Middelfart and Greve.

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Areas of expertise

  • Pile driving/boring 
    Driving piles and mini-piles
    Boring of well foundations, permanent piles and permanent displacement piles
  • Post-construction foundation work
    Pressing of mega and precast piles
    Mini-pile driving with pile caps
    Foundation casting
  • Sheet piling and excavation
    Framing and compacting vibration compaction of sheet piling wall
    Construction of "Copenhagen walls"
    Boring of concrete sheet piling wall
    Ground anchor installation
Foundation & Marine Works

Skovshoved Harbour

Arkil Foundation & Marine Works has been contracted to expand the old Skovshoved Harbour to twice its current size, while establishing a new recreational area for the town's inhabitants and yachtsmen.

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Project period
2014 - 2016
Municipality of Gentofte
Contract sum
117 mill. Danish kroner

Foundation & Marine Works

Rødby Habour

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