We all wish to pass on a cleaner planet to future generations ‒ and, if possible, one that is even cleaner than the world we have inherited. To do so, we must make efforts to clean up contamination that threatens the environment in order to secure clean drinking water or eliminate the risk of human exposure to contamination.

We at Arkil have accumulated years of experience with highly complex remediation techniques, as well as with remediation projects that entail heavy demands in terms of the handling and disposal of contaminated materials, special requirements for the staff assigned to the projects and, not least, special requirements for the material used in connection with the project.


When managing remediation projects, we either employ in-situ methods, on-site treatment, or we export the soil to be remediated abroad ‒ all with a view to minimising the environmental impact and ensuring that raw materials are reused in the best possible manner.                           

We specialise in in-situ remediation projects in which the soil is cleansed at the site without comprehensive excavation. We employ both known methods, such as bio-ventilation and vacuum ventilation, and we have contributed to the development or implementation of new remediation technologies in Denmark, such as steam strippingozone spargingchemical oxidation, biological decomposition, reductive dechlorination and, most recently, gas thermal remediation.



Kim Rikard Jensen
Prodution manager

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Other remediation techniques used by Arkil Miljøteknik include:

  • Remedial pumping and hydraulic control
  • Pumping and remediation of contaminated groundwater 
  • Passive and active ventilation (indoor climate control)
  • Reactive walls and drilling  
  • Excavation in sheet piling casing, such as ROLL-BOX  
  • Drilling in large formats of ø600 – ø1500 mm 
  • Traditional uncased excavation
Enviromental engineering

Clean-up of Kærgård Plantage

Arkil completed one of Denmark's largest environmental remediation projects at Kærgård Plantation.

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Project period
2008-2009 og 2014-2015
Region of Southern Denmark
Contract sum
20,7 og 16,5 mill. Danish kroner

Enviromental engineering

Clean-up of contaminated earth

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